Why did Christmas Lights become popular and how LED Lighting is changing things

History Of Christmas Lights

When Christmas lights start appearing you just know that the festive season has well and truly begun. Dazzling displays are set up and become bigger and better each year with neighbours trying to outshine each other. LED lights have improved these displays in so many ways. https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/save-electricity-and-fuel/lighting-choices-save-you-money/led-lighting. Competitions are held and some generous people open their displays to the general public and collect donations for charities. But where did this tradition all start? I’ve done a bit of research so here goes.

Using lights at Christmas has been taking place for a long time. Even before Christmas, light has played a big part in ancient festivities. During winter solstice pagan’s lit candles and bonfires, they did this to encourage the sun’s warmth and light to return after the bleakness of winter. Following the Christianisation of pagan festivals, the candle lighting was incorporated into Christmas customs gaining major popularity after the 18th century.

Christmas lights have accumulated new symbolism and meaning since becoming a Christian Christmas tradition. They symbol:

  • The starry night on which Christ was born
  • The light of Christ
  • The light, hope and good in the world
  • Following the enlightened path

Due to the fire hazard by the early 1900’s lantern like glass balls were used to hold lit candles. Then when Thomas Edison invented the first functioning light bulb in 1879 the glass ball evolved into the traditional Christmas lights we know today.

In 1890, Edison published a publicity brochure, which may have been the first mention of commercially available electrically powered Christmas lights. It specified, “There are few forms of decoration more beautiful and pleasing than miniature incandescent lamps placed among flowers, or interwoven in garlands or festoons; for decorating Christmas trees or conservatories…” That was it! Christmas lights had well and truly arrived, every family had them and they became part of every Christmas trees decoration.

Christmas lights are one of the prettiest things that can be seen during the Christmas season. The beautiful arrays of different coloured lights adorning homes, gardens, trees, street lamps and shops are a delight and both young and old alike ohhh and ahhh at their beauty. Christmas lights continue to evolve and nowadays, energy saving is foremost on peoples minds and looking after our environment, inventions like LED lights are being used more and more. Because LED https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/save-electricity-and-fuel/lighting-choices-save-you-money/led-lighting.  lights use up less energy, don’t get hot like traditional lights and last longer, their use has changed the face of Christmas lighting and indeed lighting in general. Mainline Electrical are happy to give you any advice on lighting or any other electrical issue just get Get In Touch.

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