Top tips for choosing the right Electrical Contractor

When you need an electrical installation or repair doing it’s important to use an expert electrical contractor. Electrical work is best left to the professionals but how do we make sure we choose the right one? You need an expert electrical contractor to ensure a safe and effective job is done so here are a few tips to help.


1. Identify what you need.

Firstly before you even contact an electrical contractor you need to clearly define what work needs to be done or what end result from the work you will expect. If you know what you are looking for it helps in the search for the right electrical contractor. Different electrical contractors may specialise in different areas or work solely on bigger projects.


2. Referrals.

You may know someone who has recently had electrical work done. You may know someone in the construction industry who can give you recommendations. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a reliable electrical contractor. If you don’t have any leads do an online search in your area and look at any reviews or testimonials.


3. Check references.

After carrying out a bit of research you can ask potential electrical contractors for references from earlier work. You will then be able to contact previous customers to find out how their experience was with the company you have chosen, hopefully, giving you reassurance that it is the right one.


4. Check licences.

It’s worthwhile, for your safety and that of your home, to check licences and insurance of your prospective electrical contractor. Then if anything does go wrong you have the comfort of knowing the contractor has the appropriate insurance.


5. Get a free estimate.

Most electrical contractors will provide a free quotation for the work you require. It is fair to say that the lowest is not always best. It is good to get a feel for the contractor when they make a visit to your premises. Getting a couple of quotes will give you an idea of pricing range and allow you to establish what is reasonable.


6. Get the quote in writing.

Once your electrical contractor has been chosen get the quote in writing. Ensure it includes all the necessary details that accurately reflect your end result and needs for your project.


I hope these tips help you choose the best electrical contractor for your needs.


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