Easy ways to save electricity in your home

It’s that time of year when payday seems a long way off, the days are long and dark and summer seems oh so far away! Lower energy costs also means lower electricity usage, which is good for your health and the environment as less greenhouse gasses are emitted into the atmosphere. The good news is to help our bank balances and the planet there are some easy ways to save money on our electricity costs.


1. Make the best use of natural light

Sounds a bit obvious but strategically use natural light. If you are working at home sit near a window, it’s also much kinder on your eyes.


2. Vampire Appliances

Don’t keep appliances plugged in when you are not using them. Plugged in appliances are continuously using electricity. Even if you have turned the device off, it will still consume energy. I think we are all guilty of leaving appliances such as printers and TV’s plugged in, unplug them so you will not pay for the unused energy.


3. Inefficient Light Bulbs

Yes, LED lighting is a bit more costly than traditional light bulbs but it is a fact that these old style bulbs are the most common energy consumers within our homes. Upgrading to LED lighting should be on top of your list for energy saving.


4. Poor Home Insulation

Good insulation is really important. If you have a home with loads of drafts energy usage could potentially be double or even triple! Just check your installation and consider upgrading this could save you a fortune for such a small investment.


5. Old, Out-Dated Appliances

Large household appliances, for example fridges and tumble dryers, are big consumers of energy and unfortunately they don’t last forever. When a device gets old, it is no longer efficient when it operates. Components wear out and will consume more than the normal amount of energy. New models are built and developed with energy efficiency in mind so carefully select replacements.


6. Device-Charging Crazy

I am sure you know that your phone takes 2-3 hours to fully charge but how many of us leave them on charge overnight. Change your ways and never leave your devices plugged in overnight and become charging time aware to save energy.


7. Washing

Wait until you have a full load and if clothes are not very dirty make sure you use a lower temperature.


8. Ditch the dryer

Whenever possible hang your washed clothes either outside or on a clothes airer. Yes it takes a bit of effort but just think of the energy saving.


9. Television

How often do we have the TV on and nobody is actually watching it? It’s just habit and we really don’t need it on. Turn it off and focus on the activities you are doing.


Really these are such simple tips but they really could save you some money and at the same time help the planet.

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