What is the right tool? – Top 9 electrical tools

Electrician's Tools

You need the right tools to carry out electrical work. The available list of tools is endless as basic tools have improved and specialised tools have been developed over recent years. However, there is a list of ‘must have’ tools that every electrician needs. Tools can be expensive so if you are just starting out there are starter kits available. Also if you are being taken on as an apprentice check out whether you are going to be provided with any tools before making any purchases.


The following list gives you a great start to building up your tool assortment.


  1. Pliers – these are a must have and are used to twist wire. The handles should provide a comfortable firm grip and be insulated. They should open and close with ease and the teeth should be uniform allowing thin items to be gripped. Pliers come in a couple of designs side cutting pliers and needle nose pliers. They also come in a variety of different sizes.


  1. Wire Strippers – this tool makes stripping insulation off wires a doddle. Again the handle should be comfortable and make sure the spring is not too loose or tight. Wire strippers also come in different sizes allowing you to strip wire without damaging the thread.


  1. Screwdrivers – make sure your screwdrivers are comfortable and have insulated handles. You will need a selection of sizes in both flat head and Philips variety.


  1. Channel Locks – an invaluable tool when installing conduit.


  1. Fish Poles – this tool aids wire pulling down walls, under raised floors or in drop ceilings. There are a lot of models out there lighter weight and even some that glow in the dark.


  1. Tape Measure – no electrician’s tool belt is complete without a basic measuring tape. Laser measuring tools are popular but also come at a price.


  1. Voltage Tester and Meter – There are a lot of basic designs available. Most opt for a simple pen style but there are so many more elaborate models giving loads of options.


  1. Power Drills – every electrician will use a power drill but the type varies depending on the job in hand. There are multi purpose models, which reduce the number of models you require.


  1. Saw – again this would vary as to the job in hand. Handheld reciprocating saws are one of the most popular but saws come in many forms such as spiral saws, hole saws, cut off saws and portable band saws.


The above is just a starter list to get you on your way and they aid most general electrical work. Certain electrical jobs will require more specialised and advanced tools. A great place to have a look round is Screwfix. Take a look at the following link for more ideas of what you will need and guide prices. It always pays to look around but always remember quality tools are worth the investment.




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