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Wind Power – In my back yard?

Wind Power or Wind Energy is the process by which wind is used to generate mechanical power or electricity. Wind turbines convert kinetic energy into mechanical power. They are available in a variety of different sizes. A generator  then converts … Continue reading

What is the right tool? – Top 9 electrical tools

You need the right tools to carry out electrical work. The available list of tools is endless as basic tools have improved and specialised tools have been developed over recent years. However, there is a list of ‘must have’ tools … Continue reading

Easy ways to save electricity in your home

It’s that time of year when payday seems a long way off, the days are long and dark and summer seems oh so far away! Lower energy costs also means lower electricity usage, which is good for your health and … Continue reading

Top tips for choosing the right Electrical Contractor

When you need an electrical installation or repair doing it’s important to use an expert electrical contractor. Electrical work is best left to the professionals but how do we make sure we choose the right one? You need an expert … Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence – Is it the way forward? – Should it be embraced?

I would say all of us use Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is making our lives easier removing time consuming tasks. This is being achieved for the majority of us through the use of smart phones. Therefore Shopping, finding our way … Continue reading

Circuit Overload – Mainline Electrical Can Help

This is the time of year when we tend to be using more gadgets, lighting and appliances than at any other time of the year. Circuit overloads can be extremely dangerous.   So it’s December and out you go set … Continue reading

Why did Christmas Lights become popular and how LED Lighting is changing things

When Christmas lights start appearing you just know that the festive season has well and truly begun. Dazzling displays are set up and become bigger and better each year with neighbours trying to outshine each other. LED lights have improved … Continue reading

6 Ways to Save Money on your energy costs this Christmas

Holidays are coming and there is nothing inexpensive about the holidays! Most of us now have a scary device in our home that informs us how much energy we are using and over the next couple of months that device … Continue reading

Offer for Cannock Landlords – Free Electrical Audit

Free Electrical Audit for Cannock Landlords Mainline Electrical Limited are offering Cannock landlords a free Electrical Audit. The purpose of the Audit is to provide a review of your electrical systems in your premises to ensure they meet current standards. … Continue reading

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