Artificial Intelligence – Is it the way forward? – Should it be embraced?

I would say all of us use Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is making our lives easier removing time consuming tasks. This is being achieved for the majority of us through the use of smart phones. Therefore Shopping, finding our way around, entertainment, banking and discovering almost anything about anything this is all just a click away.

We are only at the start of things to come. It is hard to imagine that the internet was only developed in the 1950s following the advancement of electronic computers. is a great read  and even harder to believe is that the first smart phone was only developed  in 1992 read more on the following link 


AI is changing the way we live in our homes. Some examples of AI in our homes are home automation, security and video surveillance, connected appliances of which all of these are becoming more common and much more the norm.


Amazon’s Echo and Google home gadgets connects different devices to each other through the Internet of things (IoT) by voice command, this is called a Connected home, but AI driven Home Automation is a step further.


On the electrical energy supply side, many companies are using AI to advance power production efficiency.  Siemens uses artificial intelligence algorithms to improve combustion efficiency, reduce emissions, and lower the wear on gas turbines.  EDF Energy is testing a machine which is learning to forecast energy demand for the next day more accurately than humans, resulting in energy saving and some coal-fired plants have used AI to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. AI will continue to have a significant impact on power plants operating in the future.


The use of Artificial Intelligence is clearly improving efficiency in the electricity sector for power plants, grid operators, and both large and small consumers will benefit from this progress.


 How will AI aid construction?


AI is serving as a helpful tool for all stages of a construction project. AI-based applications  allow designers to collaborate with computers to create designs quickly. Data on costs and schedules of similar projects provide great value for estimators. Machine learning systems analyse data from similar projects to develop preliminary cost and schedule estimates. Images from the job site can be analysed for safety hazards. Many safety managers are managing multiple projects and cannot be at the job site all the time. However, the  team based on site are capturing images on site. Safety monitoring solutions that utilise AI scan large amounts of images and identify workers and occurrences that are not following safety procedure. AI can track the progress in real-time against original plans, budget, and schedule allowing adjustments to be made if necessary. Quality of work can also be measured as can errors allowing these to be addressed saving time and costs at a later date. AI should be embraced and not feared after all its applications are to help workers do their job more accurately and more quickly. If you increase productivity, you should be able to increase your profits.

Now that’s not a bad thing!

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