6 Ways to Save Money on your energy costs this Christmas

Holidays are coming and there is nothing inexpensive about the holidays! Most of us now have a scary device in our home that informs us how much energy we are using and over the next couple of months that device will most likely not be sending us any good news. If you haven’t got a device there are lots of energy calculators available online to help you work out your costs. What can we do?


Here are our 6 top tips to save money!


  1. Reduce heating costs – Firstly there is the old fashioned methods. Secure cracks under your doors and windows, a draft excluder is an excellent tool and comes in all manner of designs – sausage dogs are my favourite. Keep your curtains closed in the evenings. Wear warm clothes, layer your clothing for additional warmth and wear socks and slippers to keep cosy. Have a cuddle. Adjust your thermostat, you can save approximately 3% on your heating bill for every degree you turn it down. Fit reflector panels behind your radiators this can reflect 95% radiated at the rear of your radiator back into the room. The modern methods install a Nest thermostat or other similar controller to monitor energy and control. Tap the app to adjust your room temperatures from anywhere to reduce your costs.


  1. Switch suppliers – changing suppliers could change your bank balance for the better. It is thought that switching suppliers could potentially save you £200 on your gas and electricity bills – come on you know it makes sense a little effort for a big reward! look at services such as uSwitch.


  1. Lighting – now we all enjoy a good display and gasp in wonder at the show stopping delights we and our neighbour’s labour on for hours. A memory my daughters share is their dad up the top of some wobbly ladders trying to reach the top of that conifer. LED lighting shines brighter, lasts longer, is available in more colours and uses only about 10% of your traditional lights so change it if you can. While we are talking about decorations get rid of any inflatables because they deflate your bank balance quicker than Rudolf can say red nose!


  1. Timers – Set timers so that you don’t have to remember turning off the outdoor lighting especially after a sherry or two! When the holiday season is over make sure that all your lights are properly closed down.


  1. Cooking your Christmas Fayre – Cooking your turkey is the biggest energy user on 25th December but it has to be done. Just try not to open and close the oven door too many times. Have a baking day to make all your mince pies, cakes, shortbread biscuits and all the other yummys. It could be a fab family activity day.


  1. Personal energy – Our most important tip is to take it easy, put your feet up, relax, enjoy a mince pie and mulled wine or two and enjoy the festive holiday.
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